A letter from my mother

It has been six months since I started single life living on my own. My job is always monotonous and not really interesting. But now that I'm here, I have to keep on doing work until being said told that "we don't need you anymore you are no longer needed to work for the company." from my company.
I don't find living Living at in this apartment is not really comfortable for me. The wall of my room is so thin that I can't talk to myself and I have to watch TV with by turning the volume down. There are not no cats and no piano.
I guess that the only advantage is what that I can concentrate on my studying English. But I become discouraged sometimes.

The other day, I got received some staffs things with a letter from my mother by mail. It also came with a letter. The letter is saying as said the following.

"Believe that you will have a better life in my your future, and make every effort for it."
"Do the fruitful work."
"Take care of yourself. Your Health health is above more important than everything else."

I accepted her advice and swore to have a strong will than ever before.
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